Increasing Your Willpower For Home Business

Posted By on Dec 16, 2014 |

Are you one of the millions of people over the last decade who has started a home business? Regardless of why you started your business, you may find yourself tiring of the constant pressure to maintain output. As with any other long-term commitment, running a home business can wear you down. Here are some pointers for increasing your willpower for home business.

Look for Keystone Habits



Business Insider has some good points to make about what they call “keystone habits”. These habits are those that spring from a simple act that triggers other simple acts, creating an avalanche effect for the better. The example given in the article concerns exercise, the premise being that just a little bit of exercise makes you feel better, and you’ll eat better as a result, starting a series of actions that make things better.

Increasing your willpower to keep your home business rolling may be as simple as setting a non-work related goal. Have you always wanted a holiday to X destination? Resolve to set aside a percentage of the profits from your home business toward that goal. Every minute of work you do will contribute to that goal, and give you renewed vigor.

Do Difficult Things First

I have found that if I beard the lion in his den first thing in the morning, everything gets better from there – usually. Perhaps a need to answer emails, or attend a Skype conference. Avoidance of unpleasant tasks is destructive, leaving you open to distractions from just about any area. Since you have a home business, the distractions are even more varied, from checking on the dogs to vacuuming to planning this week’s menu.

When you do the difficult things first, then you have less to dread concerning your home business, and will have a more productive day.

Build Triggers

What I mean by “build triggers” is to select some activities that trigger your most productive periods, and program them into your day. For example, I have found that I concentrate best when I have classic rock and roll playing. If I listen to classical music, I tend to analyze and reminisce about my days in the symphony. With classic rock, the driving beat keeps me energized.

Lighting may be another trigger. I have always done my best work in well-lit areas. The brighter lights keep me away and stimulated. However, other people may discover that bright light tire them, creating fatigue. Find out what triggers your energies, and use those to motivate you with business matters.


At times, you may need to remember why you started a home business in the first place. As with anything else, even if it is something you love doing, you lose focus. Does your original goal still apply? Perhaps you started your business in order to stay home with the kids. Perhaps you lost your job, and had to pay bills. If those goals have been met, reassess the purpose for your work, and determine whether or not you should continue.