Is Running A Business From Home Easy?

Posted By on Dec 22, 2014 |

Running a business from home may not be easy, but it is certainly easier than ever before. A major reason for this is the internet. There are other reasons that running a home business is easier, but some of the same reasons that make it harder are still there. Here, we will discuss whether running a business out of your home is easy or hard.

Bosses and Coworkers


I always get back to bosses. I am easy to get along with, but I don’t understand other people’s agendas. That makes me an easy target for people who like to manipulate. Office politics have always been a mystery to me – just give me the job, the materials to do it, and leave me alone. But not everyone operates that way, and I just can’t catch on. Therefore, when it comes to bosses and coworkers, I have found that running my own business from home is much easier. Yes, I still have clients to please, but cutting out people who want to manipulate me for their own underhanded purposes has made my life much better.


Hooray for the internet! When I think about all of the endless hours I spent in libraries, and time wasted waiting for inter-library loans, I cringe. I also remember erasable typing paper and corrector tapes. Let’s not even get to the manual typewriters on which I learned to type. Word processors rock! Wait – that shows my age, too, doesn’t it?

The truth is, anything to do with computers is wonderful, and has made running a home business extremely easy. I even give music lessons via Skype, for crying out loud! I can communicate with clients From Australia to France to Los Angeles, all WITHOUT PAYING A DIME! I remember when you had to make a phone call, at no less that £.5 an hour.


Along the same lines of the glory of the internet, software also rocks. I helped my parents with their home business, keeping books, and let me tell you – I HATED IT! I am no good with numbers, and if I had a new customer come in, the convoluted mess of creating new books for that client was confusing, at best.

Now, with my homemade Excel spreadsheets, I just insert a row and put the new client in, alphabetically, and I’m good to go. And, I can click a few buttons and print out mailers, already addressed! Now that is easy!


Entrepreneurs in the UK have contributed about £300bn to the economy. That is just from home businesses. This is partly due to the legislation undertaken to help entrepreneurs in the Companies Act of 2006. This act has come under some criticism as being too long, but it opened the doors to promotion of new companies, making it easier and more profitable for people to start they own home business.

Just this year, more legislation was introduced to make the paperwork easier for home businesses.

So, yes, while it is still work, running a business from home is, indeed easy.