Why A Home Business Can Reduce Your Stress

Posted By on Dec 15, 2014 |

Running a home business can reduce your stress levels. Of course, having your own business can be a stressor all on its own, but you will, more often than not, have some form of control over the sources of that stress. That is in comparison to the stresses that accompany a full-time job working for somebody else. Here is why you may have less stress with a home business.

Clothing Options

“Casual Friday” is almost an icon of workplace flexibility. Allowing employees to come to work in comfortable clothes is, for many traditional business owners, a difficult decision. Even with that allowance, there are still some fairly strict guidelines in clothing that is allowable at work.

However, with a home business, you can reduce your stress with more flexibility in your dress code. If you work in person with clients, you of course will want to dress professionally. But when you are working on your own, who knows whether or not you are in your pajamas? This is not only more comfortable, it can save you a lot of money. If you find yourself stressed by having to dress for work and wear uncomfortable clothes, then a home business will certainly reduce your stress.

Flexible Workplace

Many businesses have experimented with workplace flexibility, with mixed results. For some, this is an excellent solution for employee satisfaction and improved productivity. Or other businesses, it simply does not work.

Your home business can have flexible hours, to some degree. In many cases, you may have to get certain work done during regular business hours, but much of the work is done at your own discretion. If you need to take a day off, it is up to you to schedule to keep your clients happy. Most clients who employ people with a home business are willing to be flexible with scheduling. The key, here, is to have your policies stated clearly so that your clients understand what to expect.

Having flexible workplace hours can reduce stress in many areas of your life, including in dealing with your children or spouse. Many people do their best work in the wee hours of the morning, and cannot work an office job for that reason. It enables you to fit your work with your life, and that alone is a major stress reduction for most people.

Tracking Time

When you work in an office, or for an employer, you are subject to their ideas of timely delivery. When you track your own time, you can decide what is work related and what is not. If you need to get up and walk around for a few minutes, no one is going to write you up. That mid-afternoon slump does not have to happen. Or, if it does, no one is going to fire you for taking a power nap. That is because you are the boss.

Many entrepreneurs will keep a stopwatch running down in the corner of their computer screen just to help them focus. But, you have ultimate control, and that in itself is a stress reducer.