Your Home Business Should Begin With A Blog

Posted By on Nov 22, 2020 |

You may not realize this, but your home business should begin with a blog. I remember years ago when a commercial came out that mentioned blogging. People would blog about their ideals, and it was considered a sort of narcissistic activity. This, however, couldn’t further from the truth these days.

You Have Something to Say


Even if you are not a writer, you can say something that makes a difference. It does not have to be profound, just knowledgeable. You see, blogs are nothing more than bits and pieces of what you know. You do not have to blog about your ideals, but about how to change the washer in a kitchen tap. Or why the piano teacher has children practice scales what THAT fingering pattern.

More than ever, people are soaking up information. A 300 to 500 word blog that gives them information about a given topic is a blog. It does not have to be worthy of publication in a scientific journal. You do not even have to have good grammar and spelling, because word processing programs will show you almost all of the mistakes, and even correct them for you!

What you do get, though, is credibility. As people read your blogs, they see that you really do know what you are talking about, and respond with more confidence. They are more likely to do business with you, because you shared information on what might be causing a car engine to go “whump, whump”.

It Increases Visibility

All of this increases your visibility on the internet. As you enter blogs onto your website, the search engines notice them. This gives you credibility with the search engines, and you move up in rankings. When people comment on your blog, you go up in credibility even more, and when you respond to those comments, you get even higher rankings. This is because you are proving to the search engines that yours is a real business and not just a spam factory.

It Establishes You As An Expert

I’ve already mentioned that, when you share information, people are more likely to approach you with their business. But your blog also helps to establish you as an expert. When you write knowledgeably about your skill, industry, or talent, you make an impression.

It Brings In Customers

As you share your knowledge on your blog, include a link to it on forums and chats that you visit. You can mention that you wrote about a particular topic, and include a link to your blog. This generates traffic to your site, and expands your realm of influence, as well. This helps to build brand recognition, meaning that people recognize your name and your product.

Starting a blog is not difficult. In fact, many college students these days are required, in English class, to establish a blog and learn to use WordPress. With a blog, you can get your home business off to a solid start. It is a form of free – or almost free – advertising!